let me put my mind to rest for a bit
thinking is wearing me out


damn it’s all so pointless
even my bones are becoming pretentious.

diving into the thoughtless abyss


no-thought land is divine
no bullshit thoughts
no tedious balancing
no babbling

just bliss…





Goddess Letters (2)

I am not a whole man!
How could I be…
When the most sublime part
Lies in you woman?
I cannot attend to my daily affairs
Without you accompanying
My every thought.
I am living in a torturous sort of madness
Beautiful Goddess,
The distance tying me to you
Has me by the throat
And I cannot breath!
Please come to me…

~ The Goddess Letters


La Petite Mort

Nirvani Teasley:

Adore this piece!!

Originally posted on The Mirror Obscura:

La Petite Mort

Your breath clings to me,
A second skin, keeps the world
Though it is your touch
Makes so much
Of what I am, I cannot say
I would not give up
Its protection
To make me vulnerable
To your fingers, hands, arms, lips,
Enfolding the heart of me
Without hesitation
To destroy me
With your love.

The small death that surrounds you
That is my air.

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